Live Roulette Casinos – Players’ Guide

Live roulette is a great opportunity for its fans to make the real wheel spin being far from it. Human dealers do the magic and roll it for you as users make bets and hope to win. This is a game of a true chance with an enormous payout table for dozens of outcomes. Casinos that have this option in their portfolios often feature this product in a real-time mode as well.

Roulette Tables with Live Dealers

The biggest advantage of such a format for venues is that one host can cater to many players at the same moment. There are 3 basic variations also available with a streaming video: European, American and French. It should be obvious that such names came from the territories where the rules have been modified. Let's look at the modifications and improvements.

Roulette Variations


European Roulette. This is by far the number one version of roulette searched by players at live operators. It has a single 0 and 1-36 numbers. The winning odds are better, as the RTP rate is usually 97%+. The house advantage is low, but there is no chance to predict the result of a round anyway.


American game isn't a favorite variation among gamesters due to the lower RTP. It's only slightly over 95%. It happens because of double zero marks on the wheel (0,00). The other numbers remain in the same range.


It's funny, but the French version doesn't differ from the European in stakes and zeros. Everything is the same, but the area to place bets is laid out in another manner.

High Limit Roulette

The type of roulette contains tables for VIP players who want to draw into a big game. It means that betting limits can be much higher for such tables, starting from several hundred bucks up to several thousands.

Live Roulette Rules & Bets

Have you ever seen the payout table? It's full of sectors, where you can make your stakes. All of them are generally divided into 3 groups: inside, outside and special bets. Look below what numbers each area comprises.


Inside wagers allow to have better payouts, but the winning chances are honestly low. Cover 1, 2 (put on the line between numbers), 3 (put on the end of the row), 4 (put on the cross point) or 6 (put at the end of the row on the line between 2 rows) numbers including zero with only one chip.


Players get higher winning odds because bets cover more numbers in the outside sectors. Place stakes on red or black color, even/odd numbers, 1-18/19-36, 1st/2nd/3rd 12, two to one atn the end of the row to cover all 12 numbers. Any of the stakes can't contain zero mark.


Open the racetrack menu to see available special stakes. They usually cover specific numbers and sometimes neighbor bets are also considered special (a chip on either side of a chosen number).

Live Roulette Advantages

Live Casino Roulette Advantages over Usual Play

Standard web casinos with a computer picturing the ball and the wheel seem to be not interesting for hundreds of table gamers anymore. Unlike the artificial algorithms, the results here are determined by humans. There are often pretty hostesses that smile and throw the ball for you. Everything looks vivid and even usual gambling chattering in the background brings more fun.


Live gambling has finally led to tables located in actual land-based casinos, not just studios. It greatly improves the overall experience when you see how other people actually sit and play at a house. Some customers prefer rooms because the design with a professional lightning often looks much better than brick&mortar establishments. The thrill is in everything going on in a real mode!

Technologies Used

The rooms where everything is performed are decorated with true casino tables and dealers that also see all your actions on his side. The operator controls the high-end cameras that quickly send the picture to the server and to your computer. You're able to watch the streaming video in a high-definition quality. The recognition system transfers the data to the computer and the software pays you wins while the result of a ball falling is seen on the screen.

Fair Play Witnessing

Some users consider the machine-controlled roulette to be rigged, despite confirmed fairness and proved payout rates. The live mode ensures honesty towards clients because you see true dealers talking to gamblers. You can easily ask some question and the host will answer it in real time. Besides, they put chips on chosen positions in front of you right after players choose stakes and sectors.

Multi-language Croupiers

Casinos hire professional croupiers to work in their studios. They also ensure multi-cultural communication to cater to the demands of all countries where there are a lot of online gamblers live. For instance, English is the most wide-broadcasted, but Deutch, the Swiss and others are also available.

Live Chat

Chatting with a croupier while the wheel spins can be sometimes very fun. Besides, this is the only way to have a connection with a human person on the other side. This feature is optional: just turn it off if you don't want to see the information from there.