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Let me take this opportunity to welcome you to our web-site. St. John’s shares a glorious history here in Hagerstown on S. Potomac St. For over 240 years, the disciples have worshiped the living God, spoke of God’s Word and served the many needs that have surrounded us. As you scan through the pages, you will also notice that our ministry remains vibrant and sharing for God’s World, through ongoing Mission projects, through ministries like Micah’s Backpacks, through our energetic traditional and contemporary worship, and the voices of our numerous choirs who sing God’s praise. Once you have completed your tour, I invite you to join us here in person, to meet our living Lord, as he leads us through the journeys of our lives.

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Proposed Amendments to St. John’s Constitution

“Here are links to two versions of the proposed amendments to St. John’s constitution. The amendment process was required by Synod in order to make our constitution comply with the provisions of the ELCA Model Constitution for Congregations adopted by the ELCA in 2016. Other than one tiny change, there were no substantive alterations of our previous constitution, just the language changes required by ELCA. In any situation where there were choices, this proposal reflects the same choice that was in our previous constitution. Also per ELCA, the bylaws are now integrated into the document alongside the chapter to which they pertain. The one tiny change beyond the ELCA requirements is the second sentence of *C.09.06. which gives more specificity regarding the contractual arrangements with an interim pastor.

The first link is our previous constitution with deleted items underlined and added items in red. Because that creates a good deal of visual clutter, the second link is a clean copy of what our constitution will look like if we adopt this proposal. The only change to that copy once adopted will be to make the cover page correctly reflect the adoption date.

Again for clarity, the only changes that have been made are the ones required in order to comply with the ELCA version. If we were to wish to change any of the provisions in a substantive way, it would require the approval of the Synod.”

First Link

Second Link

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